Shoulder Shirts
Custom Clothing for People with Limited Movement

Shoulder Shirts got their beginning when my mother had rotator cuff surgery and I made her some shirts that released at the shoulders with velcro. Her physical therapist was so impressed he requested that I make them to sell for his patients. My mother taught me to sew and I have been sewing for over 30 years now. I received additional training from my friend and mentor, Josie, a professional seamstress from Malta. She taught me to visualize and to “think about it” when I was creating and sewing. These shirts are specifically designed and created with care and love. All shirts are sewn individually by me or local seamstresses. You will note that due to the availability of certain fabrics, not all fabrics are available in all sizes and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We love creating something that will make your life better at a time when things seem overwhelming. We hope that your shirts will make things just a little bit easier in your life right now. Thank you and welcome to Shoulder Shirts!!!

(We are also on Etsy at and carry many of our "one of a kind" fabrics on Etsy. Come visit us there too.)

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Our contact information is:

Shoulder Shirts
PO Box 725
Marcola, OR 97454

Phone: (541) 636-3228