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As long as the shirt(s) haven’t been worn or washed, you may mail them back within 30 days of purchase to:

Shoulder Shirts Returns
PO Box 725
Marcola, OR 97454

Be sure to include your name and phone number with your return. Please fasten all velcro back together to prevent damage during shipping. Once we receive your shirt, we will refund the purchase price of the shirt to your account. (Sorry... we can’t refund shipping and handling costs or accept shirts that have been washed or worn.) You can reorder any other shirts in a different size or fabric at any time and we will get them right out to you. Due to fabric availability in sizes and shipping costs, you do need to reorder the different shirts; we aren't able to just "exchange" them.

Please note that pursuant to our return policy, if you ordered any drain pouches, they are non-returnable due to the medical nature and rules and regulations of our liability insurance company.

The shirts are made to fit loosely, like a pajama top. If you are going to have shoulder surgery, you don't want it to fit like a regular shirt or it will bind up on you with your sling/brace.

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If this is a gift, please contact us at (541) 636-3228 to make arrangements if you need a different size.