Riley Cape/Poncho -Tan - Chenille Fleece Sweater

Chenille Fleece Riley Cape/Poncho - Tan

Riley Cape/Poncho -Tan - Chenille Fleece Sweater

Price: $49.95



The original Shoulder Shirt™ in a warm outerwear cape style!

You asked for something to wear outside during the winter and here it is!!! We are introducing the Shoulder Shirt™ cape designed to wear over your shirts featuring a cowl neck and a handy pocket both outside and inside the cape.

This style of cape has a cowl neckline with a round cape that drapes over your body in nice and warm fabrics. There is a 8"X5" pocket on the inside of the cape to hold your cell phone, chap stick, keys or other smaller items you need close to you. There is another 8.5"X8" pocket on the outside of the cape to hold larger items. Both pockets have a Velcro closure in the middle of the pocket to help keep items inside the pocket.

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The capes come in a one-size fits all which fits most medium to 3X. (They may be a little big for XS and small.) The measurements are as follows:

Length from shoulder to bottom of hem: Approx. 34"
Arm Length from cowl to bottom of hem: Approx. 28"

Fabric: Polyester Fleece Backed Chenille Sweater Knit in an earthy shade of tan. This warm fabric features a fleece backing with a chenille sweater front. The capes are wonderful to wear over your shirts to medical and physical therapy appointments or to just wear around the house to keep warm over the winter. They would also work great for breast feeding with their easy access for nursing and built in cover. An added bonus is that you can continue to wear these capes long after your surgery!!!

Style: Riley