Unisex/Men Shirt (Men's Sizes) - Royal Blue Wickaway

Unisex/Men Post Surgery Shirt - Royal Blue Wickaway

Unisex/Men Shirt (Men's Sizes) - Royal Blue Wickaway

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The original Shoulder Shirt™

This style of shirt is a t-shirt. It features a scoop neck and opens at both shoulders with hook and loop fasteners (Velcro like) for ease in dressing and has inset sleeves that fasten at the hem. Each Shoulder Shirt™ comes with a ribbon designed to pull up the back shoulder into position for fastening the shirt. (See pictures for examples of how the shirts work.) The shirts are machine washable.

Shoulder Shirts™ tend to run big to accommodate immobilizers and slings and I have included the approximate measurements. They will not fit snug like a normal T-shirt, but loose like a pajama top. I do not recommend ordering the next size larger than your normally wear without checking our size/measurement chart first.

PLEASE SEE OUR SIZE CHART ABOVE. (Lt. blue size chart button above next to SKU.)

Fabric: Polyester Wickaway Knit.  This shirt features a rich royal blue color with a pique texture similar to a sports uniform. It would be wonderful for recovering around the house or going to medical or physical therapy appointments.

Style: Unisex T-Shirt (in men's sizes)