Shoulder Shirts™ is a family business that got its beginning when my mother had rotator cuff surgery and I made some shirts for her that released at the shoulders with hook and loop fasteners (Velcro like). Her physical therapist was so impressed he requested that I make them to sell. 

We have been making shirts since 2008. Shoulder Shirts™ were developed for my mother for her to have an easy way to dress independently after her shoulder surgery and she wanted something more fashionable than altered t-shirts that didn’t her fit well. My mother found our hook and loop closures (velcro like) are the easiest way to be able to fasten your shirt with one hand. (Our custom made Shoulder Shirts™ are specifically designed so the hook and loop closures do not touch your skin and are not scratchy.) She found snaps worked great in our designs where gravity held them in place on the sides of the shirts, but when on the shoulders, snaps were difficult to fasten with one hand.

Our shirts are designed to allow you to dress independently, while not having to lift your arms.  Shoulder Shirts™ are specifically designed to take into consideration that you will be wearing a sling or immobilizer and are styled to give you the extra room needed so that your shirt will easily slide over your body to be fastened and not bind up with the sling/immobilizer.  They will feel big when you initially put them on and will not fit snug like normal clothing.  You do not want to "shimmy" into your clothing after surgery.  Be sure to check our sizing chart on each listing for the measurements and sizing recommendation for that style.

We carry two basic styles of shirts.  Many of our styles open at the shoulders with hook and loop fasteners (Velcro like) and designed to step into and pull up under your sling/immobilizer to fasten at the shoulders.  Some of our styles are side opening with snaps under both arms.  Side opening styles are designed to put on over your head and then either pull down over or under your sling/immobilizer to snap on the sides.  Many people find the side opening styles easiest to use just after surgery by wearing their shirt over the immobilizer.  However, all our styles are manageable with many nurses actually dressing patients in their Shoulder Shirt™just after surgery.  We also have several outerwear styles that are designed to go over your shirts for warmth.

My mother taught me to sew as a child and I have been sewing for over 50 years now. I received additional training from my friend and mentor, Josie, a professional seamstress from Malta. She taught me to visualize and to “think about it” when I was creating and sewing. Our clothing is specifically designed and created with care and love. All seams are finished and details are a must in anything that I create. All of our clothing is sewn individually by me or local seamstresses. (I have several talented, local seamstresses that help me out and they have been a blessing as the need has increased for our clothing.) 

I am hoping to help others after their surgery by easing some of the discomfort caused by their clothing.  We love creating something that will make your life comfortable and fashionable at a time when things seem overwhelming. We hope that your shirts will make things just a little bit easier in your life right now. 

Thank you and welcome to Shoulder Shirts™!!!