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Shoulder Shirts™ is a family business that got its beginning when my mother had rotator cuff surgery and I made her some shirts that released at the shoulders with hook and loop fasteners (Velcro like). Her physical therapist was so impressed he requested that I make them to sell. 

My mother taught me to sew and I have been sewing for over 40 years now. I received training from my friend and mentor, Josie, a professional seamstress from Malta. She taught me to visualize and to “think about it” when I was creating and sewing. Our clothing is specifically designed and created with care and love. All seams are finished and details are a must in anything that I create. All of our clothing is sewn individually by me or local seamstresses. (I have several talented, local seamstresses that help me out and they have been a blessing as the need has increased for our clothing.) 

I am hoping to help others after their surgery by easing some of the discomfort caused by their clothing.  We love creating something that will make your life better at a time when things seem overwhelming. We hope that your shirts will make things just a little bit easier in your life right now. 

Thank you and welcome to Shoulder Shirts™!!!