Orgetta FLANNEL Nightgown - Blue/Green Stars (M & L Only)

Blue/Green Stars Flannel Nightgown - Orgetta

Orgetta FLANNEL Nightgown - Blue/Green Stars (M & L Only)

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The original Shoulder Shirt™ in a warm FLANNEL gown.

This style of nightgown opens at both shoulders with hook and loop fasteners (Velcro like) for ease in dressing (or nursing) and has drop sleeves that do not require fastening. Each Shoulder Shirt comes with a ribbon designed to pull up the back shoulder into position for fastening the shirt/gown. (See pictures for examples of how the shirts work.) 

Shoulder Shirts™ tend to run big to accommodate immobilizers and slings and I have included the approximate measurements. I do not recommend ordering the next size larger than your normally wear without checking our size/measurement chart first.

PLEASE SEE OUR SIZE CHART ABOVE. (Lt. blue size chart button above next to SKU.)

Fabric: Cotton flannel. This soft fabric is a 100% cotton flannel. This print features white stars on a blue/green tie dye background. You can let everyone know you are going to shine after your surgery. This gown is loose and comfy is wonderful after surgery when you can't wear a bra and is very warm and toasty for the winter time and cooler climates. It is great for recuperating at home and would be wonderful to use in place of that drafty hospital gown. Our flannel gowns are a warm hug after surgery!!

Style:  Orgetta