SECOND - Tracie Shirt - Creamy White Cotton Knit

White cotton post surgery shirt for shoulder injury

SECOND - Tracie Shirt - Creamy White Cotton Knit

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SECOND -- THESE SHIRTS HAVE SMALL SPOTS OR WEAVING FLAWS ON THE SHIRT. There is only one or two spots on each shirt.  Some shirts have what looks like a very small blue ink spot. Some shirts have weaving flaws (very small piece of cotton plant imbedded in the fabric making a small black spot) or thin spots where a thread didn't get caught in the weave. It is purely cosmetic and won't hurt the use of the shirt. This shirt would be great for wearing around the house or sleeping in.

The original Shoulder Shirt™
This style of shirt has a scoop neck and opens at both shoulders with hook and loop fasteners (Velcro like) for ease in dressing (or nursing) and has drop sleeves that do not require fastening. Each Shoulder Shirt™ comes with a ribbon designed to pull up the back shoulder into position for fastening the shirt. (See pictures for examples of how the shirts work.) Shirts are machine washable.

Shoulder Shirts™ tend to run big to accommodate immobilizers and slings and I have included the approximate measurements. I do not recommend ordering the next size larger than your normally wear without checking our size/measurement chart first.

PLEASE SEE OUR SIZE CHART ABOVE. (Lt. blue Size Chart button above next to SKU.)

Fabric: Cotton blend knit. This is a wonderful medium weight cotton blend knit with a touch of spandex for comfort. It features a creamy shade of white. Perfect for recuperating in around the house or going to medical or physical therapy appointments. (PTs love our shirts with their easy access for treatment.) Breastfeeding moms also love the easy access for nursing. 

PLEASE NOTE necklace is not included.

Style: Tracie